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We import and sell lighting products under our own brand - LED sources and lights, technical and ceiling lights, light sources, and electrical wiring materials. We are a genuine  Czech company founded in 2010 by experienced managers with years of deep knowledge in the field of lighting  technics and electrical wiring materials. Thanks to our yearlong presence on the market, and our professional team, we have built a stable position not only on the Czech market, but we also penetrated other European markets such as  Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.

Our goal

Our goal is to supply years proven customer-requested assortment as well as latest innovative products in high quality.

Our mission

Building long-term relationships with our customers is a priority for us. We listen carefully to the requirements of our clients and try to adapt to their diverse wishes by offering  wide assortment. We constantly maintain high quality, focus on reliability and speed, especially in areas that are the most important for our customers. These are mainly:  

  • wide range of products
  • diversity of products
  • quality
  • availability
  • perfect logistics
  • favourable price policy
  • fast handling of complaints

We enjoy treating our clients with special care. We always try to meet their requirements, especially thanks to our employees whose work is  greatly appreciated. We strive to provide excellent background and support in professional development to all our international GREENLUX teams.  Our basic principles of dealing with all our employees include being:

  • open
  • cooperative
  • team-oriented
  • communicative

Our vision

Our vision is to introduce new products  and flexibly respond to the LED lighting market that is dynamically changing due to new trends and technologies. Our vision is also not only to maintain awareness and growth on our existing markets, but also to focus on entering new selected European markets.

Our values

We always remember and strongly appreciate the following corporate values:

  • trust
  • individual approach
  • experience
  • team cooperation
  • directness and accuracy
  • reliability
  • professionalism
  • flexibility

We believe you will choose the right product from our wide assortment, and you will enjoy and appreciate not only the quality of the products offered, but also the dedication of our international GREENLUX team, which is here for you.

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